To my future sons who may never come : “We were men!”

I wrote that letter someday in 2007 when everything seemed so dark then thought of publishing it here and sharing it with you. Warning : My English language is a mess !


Dear sons ,

Once upon a time of struggle, somewhere located in the north east of Africa, there was a country called ”Egypt” . And since I opened my eyes in this country , and maybe till I close them for the last time, I’ve found the same president, the same pharaoh who forgot his mortality and tried to put on the immortal cloak of gods. He acted like it, he believed it to the level that even speaking about his majesty’s health was considered a deadly unforgivable sin that even sharp blades and darkness of dungeons can’t wash .
” Masters , dogs , pockets & puppets ”,  Egypt can be reduced to these four words.  Pockets pay for masters to feed the dogs, dogs protect masters, masters protect pockets & all of them enslave the puppets.  Masters are people of the highest rank including the royal family. they are surrounded by few people who we call “Centers of Power” , and what a windy world  ! even those centers were excluded or put down when they expire and only masters remain. People die , people grow old , people are born, but those are still the very same.
Dogs are considered the right arm of the royal family and maybe the left one as well. they are the mix of all naturally- separated security powers in the civilized world; Police, both intelligence agencies, even the army and the two million soldiers of  “Central Security”. All dogs of the regime have one clear mission ; to protect masters & pockets and to get rid of any puppet who thinks to try to act like a human being or claim any kind of rights.

Independent, opposing & serving, That’s how we can classify the pockets.  Independent ones who only care about increasing their fortunes and who love money too much that they prefer not to pay the masters and they take the risk of living uncovered. Opposing pockets are the micro minority that uses its wealth to support the causes they believe in…pockets of concepts !.
“Serving pockets” are the majority…greedy thieves, arms dealers & fortune hunters who pay the masters to cover their stinky smell and protect them from people, law & even destiny, they think.  Just like a prostitute who is ready to give the dirty cop “anything” to let her do “everything” she wants.
Puppets are just puppets, always objects and never subjects.

Sons, that’s how things used to be when I lived, and that’s how I don’t want them to be ,and won’t let them to be, when you read this whenever you do, if you ever did.
I just want to tell you that through this darkness I tried to say : “No!” … Yes, I  tried to change things and screamed it out loud with the rest of the few people with free minds and souls, with the rest of good men.
Those who do it for God, those who do it for their families, those who do it for their country, those who do it for their own good and those who do it for all of these reasons together, are  good real men .
Sons , i don’t know the destiny or the destination of my country and I’m not really sure of what you’ll know and what you won’t, but just in case, and in order to make you pray for us not curse us in every prayer for the heavy heritage and burdens we left you, I want to tell you that real men existed and called for a change….even if it didn’t take place. please know that we suffered, took risk  and our screams echoed in the four corners of the world….
dear sons…” We were men! “


9 تعليقات على “To my future sons who may never come : “We were men!”

  1. Totally Totally Totally agree ! but i have some modifications, the letter is for ma grandsons , I see that today we’re worse and better than yesterday, people r better and country (government) is worse, all over our history people won! people r less agressive and more cultural and aware, people fed up with the injustice & this is the start. ma sons wont watch a lot better or worse than wt i see or saw coz we just started and they would just walk through the path we begun, um not sure we r doing our best & um nt sure whether they have to proud or not !!

    I really like ur words, thx 🙂

    • Mohammed , very nice new blog ! CONGRATS 🙂
      I was reading Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfik’s Utopia , he predicts that a complete dark future is waiting for those generations ! honestly the whole idea scared me, however your post gave me the push I needed to keep going, and to remember that it really doesn’t matter if we succeeded to make the change we need or not ; we’re trying , we’re gonna keep trying and that’s what really matters !
      maybe they’ll understand this one day and am sure your sons are gonna be very proud of you Nosair , stay different ! 😀

  2. marvelous post ya muhamad!!!!…..really liked it…….now write a second letter for them to confirm that u were aMAN …that “we were MEN” ……but after (jan 25) ba2a 🙂 🙂 🙂 i really liked it…….!!! keep it upzzzz!!:)

  3. One thing that impresses me about the January 25 revolution: Despite their youth, the participants seem to be politically astute and filled with resolve and fortitude.

    There are many in the West who assume they are naive and will be manipulated by US agents to install another neocolonial kleptoplutocracy — in effect leaving the same regime in place under a different name. There is, of course, no way yet to know how this will all end, but I think this is an underestimation of the revolutionaries’ intelligence and determination.

    It is mortifying to confess, but 21-year-old Americans simply have no idea how pervasively we’re indoctrinated in this pseudo-democracy, and would likely be far easier marks for such manipulation. And too many “observers” infer from them that young people elsewhere will be similarly callow.

    You have done much that is commendable, and we’re behind you all the way.

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