Open discussion about Jan25 revolution – نقاش مفتوح حول ثورة 25 يناير

As I promised the people who were against the revolution and those seeing no need for the protests till this very moment although they hate Mubarak, I’m here now to discuss these things and answer all questions, and my words only represent my very humble point of view. please participate whether you are with or against, feel free to ask anything and please share this post with your friends and let’s enrich this discussion.

First lemme answer some questions and kill some common doubts, with the aid of  my own knowledge and some of the words of other friends and shared info.

Why can’t we just let him wait till next September ?   The problem is not in the few months he’ll stay on his throne, the real problem is all about what he’ll do in these months. First of all nothing guarrantees that he’ll leave ! he already said he’ll stay for two periods only in 1981 and he stayed for 30 years, in 2004 he said he’ll not go for another period in 2005 and later he said that people “forced him” to the elections ! in 2010 he said that the elections of the parliament will be honest, clear and free ! and we all saw what happened, after all of that, how can you believe him ?. Second,  In those months the regime will do nothing but taking revenge, arresting, torturing and killing Egyptian people in the name of National Security. Third, let’s assume he’ll leave, In those nine months he’ll arrange with his masters in the U.S. to create a new regime that’s different and shiny in appearance but with the very same goals and slavery to the U.S. and Israel.

It’ll be pure chaos if Mubarak left ! :  Is he a god ? will he live forever ? he might die any second ! what will you do then ? If you think that no one in the 85 million Egyptians is good enough to rule Egypt then you are insulting yourself  and your people.

Tahrir now is either full of “Ikhwan” or Persians or people with special Agendas ! :  ALL EGYPT is represented in Tahrir and Ikhwan doesn’t even represent 2% of the people there ! and they are there as Egyptian individuals not as “Ikhwan”. Stop listening to shit and speaking shit, please go there and check ! I invite you and I can take anyone there on a free tour 🙂

Our Economy bleeds with every new day of the revolution :  Egypt is a very rich country but all our resources are stolen ! we’ll restore what we lost in a very short period of time and not in 30 years as they assume ! plus, Mubarak’s wealth is between 40 to 70 BILLIONS in addition to the wealth of Ezz and other thieves who stole the money of people ! imagine how could Egypt be with all this money ! you can give every Egyptian five millions and UNICEF the rest ! LOL

Life is totally stopped in Cairo ! :  Well , go ask Mubarak, ask yourselves, think…the protests are in Tahrir square only that is totally surrounded by army forces and tanks. Why did Mubarak stop life EVERYWHERE in Cairo !??? Tahrir is just a square in one of the biggest cities in the world ! he’s playing on your impatience and he succeeded, he made you blame those who protest for YOUR freedom and not him !.

Ok, is there any good compromise at all ?  yes, there is a very good compromise but I’m sure Mubarak won’t accept it because he doesn’t want a solution at all ! he wants the throne and the money and he doesn’t care if  he kills every Egyptian and burns every tree and house !.  The constitution allows the president to give some or all of his powers to the vice president, he can do that and stay as an honorary chairman without powers like the President of Israel, Italy or the queen of England ! and the vice president calls for a grand coalition government and make a committee of Egyptian judges to put a new constitution then we make legislative and presidential elections and WOW Egypt is FREE !!!!!

Those who go to protests and get killed will burn in hell because it’s “Fitnah” ! :  who filled your heads with this crap ! anyway it’s a question related to Islamic religious culture so I’ll answer it in Arabic :

أولاً الفتنة تكون بين جماعتين كبيرتين من الناس مثل الفتنة والحرب بين جماعة علي بن أبي طالب وجماعة معاوية بن أبي سفيان ! أما هنا فنحن متظاهرون نطالب بحقوقنا ولا نملك حتى قلماً رصاصاً ندفع به الأذى عن أنفسنا ضد بلطجية بالشوم والسيوف والمولوتوف والمسدسات قادمون بغرض واحد فقط….القتل !!! أليس في الإسلام دفاع عن النفس ؟ بلى فيه ! ومع ذلك نردد حتى آخر نفس فينا : ” سلمية سلمية ” .

سيد الشهداء يوم القيامة حمزة بن عبد المطلب ورجل قام إلى إمام جائر فأمره ونهاه فقتله
“رواه عبد الله بن العباس , حديث صحيح “

أفضل الجهاد كلمة عدل عند سلطان جائر

وإن طائفتان من المؤمنين اقتتلوا فأصلحوا بينهما فإن بغت إحداهما على الأخرى فقاتلوا التي تبغي حتى تفيء إلى أمر الله
صدق الله العظيم

لم يكن في نيتي التطرق إلى أمور ذات صلة بالدين لكن للأسف لعب النظام بهذة النقطة أيضاً

Please say your word, Participate and ask others to do and I’m really sorry for any typing or grammar mistakes, I just write without editing.


18 تعليقات على “Open discussion about Jan25 revolution – نقاش مفتوح حول ثورة 25 يناير

    • Hi Mohamed,

      I have three things to say:
      1. I want to have this discussion with you face to face
      2. What we are experiencing now is a “fitna”- Al rasool amarna enien at the time of fitna that we should keep at home and not argue.
      3.Allah’s will will prevail- Allahoma wally man yosleh

  1. TOTALLY agree with every single word u said, moreover i’d like to thank you for clarifying all of these thorny points.
    I am just wondering why people who are having different point of views start swearing and saying names about those MEN in the tahrir square whom are praised even by the system they are opposing. Whatever the results of this revolution we owe these men a lot, now we can say that we are Egyptians with different spirit.
    Also i’d like to add, never ever trust this system who promised they will release all the arrested protesters while they are continuing arresting more and more of them & never beleive that strategy of time management they make in order to rearrange their papers or the so called agendas.

  2. i forgot to comment on the people who are saying that he’s an egyptian model and he must be respected, srry guys he’s the true model of tyrants who must be punished in order to be an example for every oppressor

    • Muhammad 2olt elli kont 3yaza a2olu wallahi 🙂
      we can’t say that what’s happening now is Fitna , why don’t we call it a revival or a renaissance or anything.. we’re fighting for our freedom people , wake up!!!

  3. I even heard some of them complaining that people in Tahrir square r singing with guitars and living the life when they should be grieving for the people who died, as if they’re singing el 3enab or something!
    I agree with everything u said except that Mubarak only wants the throne and the money, i think he’s horrified of what has happened to Bin Ali and his only way of staying safe is by holding on to his chair.
    Anyway i think the presence of people in Tahrir square is beneficial whether Mubarak stays or leaves. So thumbs up to all the people hanging in there =)

  4. لا ادعى الجهل بالانجليزية لكنى لا ارى معنى للرد بغير لغتى

    كلامك جميل و مقنع -ربما ليس كله- لكن :

    هناك بعض النقاط الهامة التى لم تتطرق اليها نهائيا مثل

    – كيف يتم تعديل الدستور بدون رئيس منتخب ( و ان كان بالتزوير ) , اعتقد مش محتاج اكمل النقطة دى اكيد انت قريت عنها كتير الفترة دى و فاهم قصدى , مستنى الرد

    – لماذا لا نثق فى عمر سليمان و احمد شفيق , اتشكك فى نزاهة اى منهما ؟

    – ربما كان حسنى مبارك فاسدا و ربما كذب فى الكثير او كل وعوده , لكن لماذا نقارن كل ما مضى بهذه الفترة التى تعرض فيها لضغط غير مسبوق , ادعى انه يكفى لرعب اى مسئول يحكم فى مصر لعشرات السنين القادمة

    – ربما لعبت الحكومة لعبة الرعب الأمنى بشكل منظم . لكن هذا لا يمنع ان يظهر انفلات امنى حقيقى فى هذه الظروف
    بالتبعية ربما لعبت على وتر الخوف من التدبير الخارجى و هذا لا يمنع تواجده الحقيقى فى هذه الظروف من الضعف

    – الاعلام المصرى كذب كثيرا و لكنه بدأ و لنقول الى حد كبير فى التعامل بصدق ربما ليس دائما
    لكن هذا لا يمنع اطلاقا عدم الامانة الموجودة لدى بعض القنوات الاخرى كالجزيرة مثلا ( مثال على ذلك : ادعاءهم باشتعال مظاهرات فى رفح بتعداد 50 الف مع العلم ان هذا العدد غير موجود اصلا فى رفح )

    – البلد لم تعد تحت ضغط (ربما كتاباتك قديمة قليلا ) الحياة بدأت بالفعل تسير فى نسقها الطبيعى

    هناك الكثير من النقاط الاخرى لكن سأؤجلها لحين وصول ردك

    صديقك ,,,,,

  5. عزيزي نور, لقد عانيت لكتابة هذة التدوينة بالإنجليزية لأنها ليست لغتي الأم ولست ملماً بدروبها ومسالكها كالعربية ولكن جاء ذلك بناء على طلب الكثير من أصدقائي من غير العرب كي يعرفوا وجهة نظري لذا لزم الاعتذار لك عن الكتابة في شأن مصري بالإنجليزية
    * بالنسبة لتعديل الدستور بدون رئيس, إذا قرأت جيداً سترى اني أدعم بقاء مبارك رئيساً شرفياً لمصر حتى نهاية ولايته للخروج من أي مازق في الدستور المهترىء الذي خربه مبارك أصلاً مع تفويض عمر سليمان بالقيام بجميع مهام الرئاسة عملياً ورسمياً , والدستور الحاي يعطي للرئيس هذة الصلاحية
    * أثق في شفيق ولا أثق في سليمان لله في لله كدة ولكني لم أعارض وجودهما في الفترة الانتقالية وبعدها أنا أريد وأنت تريد وبفضل الله سيختار الشعب من يريد
    * أتفق معك في أن الضغط الشعبي على مبارك الآن بات كبيراً ومرعباً لأي حاكم ولكن مكوث مبارك ثلاثين عام في السلطة قد أعماه تماماً وتملكه الكرسي وجنون العظمة وأكبر نموذج مشابه لمبارك الآن هو رئيس زيمبابوي روبرت موجابي
    * أنا سعيد أنك تتفق معي أن الحكومة لعبت على الرعب الأمني بشكل منظم وصدقني, وزارة الداخلية والنظام هم رعايا الجريمة المنظمة وهروب المساجين في الأيام الأولى للثورة وقد أمسكنا قرب منزل جدتي بأحد السارقين الملثمين ومعه كارنيه خاص بالداخلية , تماماً كما حدث في تونس ونظام زين الهاربين بن علي يلفظ آخر أنفاسه
    * الاعلام المصري هو الراعي الرسمي لتضليل الشعب وأنت أول واحد من الناس اللي ضد المظاهرات وضد الثورة يقوللي ان الاعلام المصري حسن أو بيتحسن , الكل أجمع على كذبة وتضليلة وهرائه تماماً كقناة الجزيرة التي تهول الأحداث والأرقام والتحليلات
    * الحمد لله الناس بدأت تنزل شغلها عشان تبدأ تقبض تاني وتفكر بطريقة سليمة بدلاً أن يصبوا جام غضبهم ودعواتهم على الثورة والثائرين

    في أنتظار نقاطك الأخرى وفي أنتظار تعقيبك وسعيد جداً بهذا الحوار المثمر المتحضر وكلنا بنستفيد من بعض

  6. Dear precious egyptians,
    First thank you so much for what you’ve done for this country and for making every egyptian everywhere in the world feeling free and proud to be an EGYPTIAN once again.
    and my consoledence for the friends you lost or the violence the BRUTAL police forces used against you. and im sure they will never go unpunished for that.

    actually i have to issues that i want to discuss. the first one is about you staying in tahrir uptill today. im sure you’ve been through alot and you may be feeling that walkin away means you’re quitting, but its not. you delivered a message and you should give sometime for it to be processed. you may also be feeling that staying in tahrir is speeding things up as you’re pushing the government. but i think they have to anyway cuz it only has 7 months left! and they need to clean up their own mess. Politics is not threatening, its not like whether you do what i want or im not getting outta here. politics means negotiating, compromising and reaching a middle ground that makes the situation as close as to a win-win situation. i know its been 30 years of unfairness, but its not only the government’s fault. we are partly responsible for this. if they are wrong for doing it, then we are for letting it happen and stayin silent all these years. thats why a middle ground is fair. because its the EGYPTIANS’ mistake (people and government).

    The second one is that, you are blaming people who are saying that you are foriegn funded and so. OF COURSE you are not we all know. but the thing is many of us dun seem to be paying attention to the external issues. we have israel on the border. and we sure have the whole world waiting for us to get weak for them to take it all. unfortunately we dun know how much we worth! the rest of the world does. nobody is considering how dangerous it is to keep going this way. polics forces are out and we are in emergency state, the army is doing the police’s job. so the army is securing our borders which is against the peace treaty with israel, we cant have army forces on our borders with them, yet we have it, they are threatening to attack! they currently have 800 soldiers while us we only have 8 tanks there! if we kept going with this we may not have a country to change or improve god forbid!
    im not saying you should quit OF COURSE not, all im saying is that we should pay more attention to more important things and be open for discussion, patient, determined, and understanding cuz this is how democratic people are. instead of goin on with the protests we should start learning how to choose a president and how can we be effective members of development and should teach people who are poor or illiterate what democracy is and prepare this country for the era of democracy 🙂

    Thanks so much for giving us such a chance of talking with you. Im so proud of y’all
    Best of luck! 🙂

  7. Dear Noha,
    Thank you so much for saying your word and participating 🙂
    About your first point, we didn’t go to Tahrir to deliver a message , we went to make a CHANGE, and till this very moments Mubarak is twisting and hissing like a snake and playing on both emotions and time, words and only words are all we hear now, no actions, nothing guarrantees that the achievements of our revolution will be protected and took to the natural path from words to action. Mubarak’s denial to the offer of giving all his powers to Suliman for those six months or so proves his bad intentions.
    and Suliman’s bad intentionts too when he said yesterday or the day before that Egyptian people are not “yet” ready for Democracy ! he offended me and every Egyptian.
    Second, who said that we don’t have an eye on what’s happening outisde the 1,000,000 square kilometers of land called Egypt ? we announced many times and stated clearly that we refuse all the Irani-American-Europian blabbing and what happens in Egypt stays in Egypt ! and about Israel, I really do believe that Israel is scared to death now more than ever ! any system that does not follow the lines of Mubarak’s policy is a direct national threat to the Zionist colonies on the Palestinian Arab land (Israel) and all the talks about attacks or external threat is a play directed by Mubarak and the CIA to save whatever can be saved and play on the fear of people.

    thank you again for taking place in this discussion, feel free to add or reply and pardon my English ,it’s a mess 😀

  8. Dear Politirature,
    Thanks for replying me. you english is very good. i’d love to write in our precious language (Arabic) but you know typing english is much easier 🙂

    Anyway about mubarak’s part i TOTALLY agree with you. He is driving us CRAZY. not just the protesters but also the pros. people DIED and he didnt even mentioned them. he didnt even apologized for the mess he caused this country! he is still holding to “the gang” though its any rational person would sacrifice them the first thing!

    Omar soliman’s interview on ABC was a SHAME! i respected this man so much at first but when i saw his answres on abc, it was just STUPID! it was truly offensive to each and every single egyptian!
    the thing now is, when mubarak hands his authority to Omar soliman, it wont be a solution though, cuz i dun think he is accepted after his last interview. another thing is that Sorour is still in the game! and he is very likely to be a president instead of mubarak which is definitely over OUR DEAD BODY! this man is a Satan.
    i agree all the “blabbing” must be put into action as soon as possible.

    i dun have any suggestions actually so i just hope and pray the lord to not waste the blood of the martyrs
    im going to el tahrir tom. to meet you all and i’ll be honored to lay a foot on the land where you made egyptians PROUD and free again 🙂

  9. I am totally with all the results but I fear what I hear from you guys is very much the same what we have all been living. There are some of you don’t want to negotiate. Which is another dictatorship but in a different language & for a different purpose. To make it short, the answer for the first question posted, your concerns if he stay, if you would stop for a moment to think you would know for certain that it can never happen, for many reasons, that they wiggle out of commitments that is. Himself, us we live in an open world not in a closed chamber. & from a modist point of view don’t repeat the same mistake & lose your credibility by sticking to one demand & forgoing all the rest. Because if you stop & watch you will know more about every single cheerer from old school has their own purpose in humiliating the old system which will eventually stamp us, youth, with the disgrace of turning this personal. Which will eventually lose us points. I totally support we deligate a group to “negotiate” and leave aside any & all personal issues, demands, frustrations & grudges too. We want a better Egypt. We can build it only if we engross the respectability we gained. Thank you

  10. I wanna just say: get free!

    You decide, how, what and all

    We here he underground in Germany try our best to be solidaric and support you, whatever you decide. It’s your revolution.

    Once in a time, theire might come a day, whhen we have our revoution here agaisnt our corrupt system.

  11. @ Noha : thanks for your prayers and support ! tenawwareena fel Tahrir tomorrow isA 🙂
    @ Maii : I agree with you ! and now we have 10 who speak in our name in any talks or negociations and Wael Ghoneim is one of them, I was calling for this ages ago and finally now we have someone to “talk”.
    Thank y’all for enriching our discussion ^^ Much Respect ! True Egyptians ❤
    @ Bandolero, what we are doing know is another form of what you did with Berlin wall, we are breaking our walls of corruption and injustice, glad that you guys are following the news because I just read that about 48% of the Americans have no clue what's going on in Egypt now, thank you again, and power to the people.
    " People should not be afraid of their government, governments should b afraid from their people " V for Vendetta
    Mubarak , all ministers and Suliman are employees and we are their employers

  12. I’m American and have been watching twitter and facebook, entranced, praying for the best for you guys. Our administration is really missing out on a time they could so be helping. I know it’s Egypt’s struggle, and Egypt’s business to manage, but it just really seems to me we could help in some way, even just with words of support. I’m certainly not wise enough to know what you guys need, but I’m not the 48%. I know full well what is going on, and I spread the word to my friends and wish you the best in your endeavor. It is totally horrifying what your government is doing to its people. May their violent tactics stop and reason prevail.

  13. I found you through links to your Twitter on an American political forum – there was a thread with the picture of the Egypt Supports Wisconsin Workers sign. I’m American, and I want to express my solidarity. I’ve been watching videos of the protests on YouTube and crying.

    I feel hope for humanity again, something I haven’t felt since November of 2000.

    It’s true, a lot of Americans are ignorant. I saw that brainwashing article you posted – believe me, we have full on all out propaganda here. Our news media is controlled by mega corporations and they push their message of dominance and war and hate constantly. Plus the neocons have been dismantling our public education system for decades, keeping us ignorant and unable to think critically and easily duped by the propaganda.

    But as you see in Wisconsin – some of us see what you’re doing. Some of us have been inspired. We are definitely not at the boiling point yet, but you’ve helped to start something here. Maybe one day I too will get to see my people fight for and achieve their freedom. For now, I do what I can, hoping to open some minds who may then go on and open other minds.


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