To my worldwide family,

I am honored that many in the word are interested in my action of solidarity with the people of Wisconsin, USA and their fight for workers rights as well as the accompanying photos I took in Egypt on 18th of February showing that solidarity. Unfortunately, due to the extraordinary circumstances and massacres in Libya, my focus is with my brothers and sisters there, not with my rising popularity with the press. As it is impossible for me to address every request for information or rights to publish I am providing this limited right to publish my work. Please read carefully as there are exclusions.

I, Muhammad N. allow Individuals (not affiliated with, working for or tied to any news outlet), Unions & Independent News Networks and their representatives, to post about me and to publish my photos under these terms:

1- You may only use my First name and last initial or initials when crediting my photos or referring to me in print. This ensures my right to privacy.
2- You must use only original, unaltered photos of me and my work and I must be credited. You must also quote me in context. If in doubt, Email me.
3- If you do not fall within the guidelines above for publication of my photos/words you must request use IN WRITING and I must personally approve* your article/blog/etc.

*Please note, I will not be accepting or approving requests by media not listed above until further notice, I will answer requests for verification on a limited basis.

Thank you for respecting my right to privacy and for all the support and kindness that you have shown in response to my very simple act of love for my fellow brothers and sisters in our universal fight for freedom from tyranny and corrupt government.

Muhammad N.
February 21, 2010 – Egypt.

special thanks to Katia Moanna who volunteered and helped me in writing this statement, thank you Kait!


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