Candlelight Vigil for Vittorio Arrigoni in Cairo & Worldwide

I have created a Candlelight Vigil event on Facebook  for Vittorio Arrigoni who got killed yesterday by a group of extremists who wanted to settle accounts with Hamas. Vittorio’s murder is a great loss, humanity lost a lot, Gaza & Palestine lost a lot and of course us, pro-Palestine activists lost a lot.

Day: Next Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Location: In front of the Italian embassy. Shara Abdel Rahman Fahmi, 15 Garden City, Cairo, Egypt.

Time: from 7:30 to 8:30 pm CLT

Why did I create this event ?

-Because Vittorio is one of us ! he was a friend of many of us.

-Because Vittorio is a brave independent man who dedicated his life for truth, Palestine and peace.

-Because Vittorio risked everything to expose Zionism and share the truth.

-Because we have to tell the world that those who killed Vittorio are NOT Muslims.

-Because it’s the least we can do for such a great pure soul.

PLEASE attend the event and share the link everywhere  (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs) even if you’re not in Egypt.

And I really hope that all of you create similar events in your cities and countries. I also found the address of Vittorio’s family , please write them letters and send them to my email or just print them out and give them to me on Tuesday. doesn’t matter how many lines you write as long as they’re directly from the heart ♥


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  2. Vittorio, angels hands sooth your wounds, angels tears weep your hovering soul over the dense cloud, showering softly over the soil of Palestine. Vittorio when you soul embraces that of Rachel’s Please tell her that the tracks of bulldozers may crush bones but not spirits, please tell her that coward bats abduct in the dark as they have no eye sight to see the coming sun light, please tell her that her body, yours, and that of many others were lifted on the shoulders of Palestinians who mourn with songs of proud freedom. Vittorio we all shall meet one day and celebrate the end of darkness. be proud italy your son was a hero a matyr for freedom and good in this world

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  4. Vittorio Arrigoni should remembered for his fundamental commitments,

    As Juliano Mer-Khamis should be remembered for his,

    Activists and artists who were killed for presenting alternatives to militarism, occupation and narrow mindedness.

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