Poll : Who leads the counter revolution in Egypt ?


10 تعليقات على “Poll : Who leads the counter revolution in Egypt ?

  1. As the results so far suggest, this question has no such unequivocal answers as can be listed in so simple a poll.

    The counterrevolution — like the revolution — comprises many elements. These appear to include members of the former regime to persons in the present military junta to kleptocratic industry, and their activities are coordinated by Western, Saudi and Israeli intelligence agencies.

    Unfortunately, whether or not one chooses to “believe in” it, the counterrevolution is quite real. To forget this for an instant is to invite disaster.

    • Excuse my impertinence – I have every respect for the people who rose up to overthrow the system. – but to cut one head of the multi-headed dragon is not a revolution! All the injustice and robbery was not made by Mubarak!
      I never visited Egypt, but I read a lot and know people from Egypt now and 40 years ago. The management structure was taken from the Ottoman Empire – not much different from the British, apart from some peculiarities …
      It is not the president, who trains the police. He does not calculate the Financial and tax policy, and I assume he has no idea about the working of security agency and military ! He has to talk with his owners and rulers and think about to gain maximum power & profit without too much risk all around. I’m sure, this is a hard work!
      I don’t believe, that he lays down the guidelines of educational policy. A very important factor to rule the people and keep them calm. This has to compare with the leading media. Friends told me, that in Egypt are all media partially in the hand of the government but private are too. Who rules the public and private media creates the public opinion. Who is it? Commonly are this the usual suspects. Only the Internet was able to breach this wall of indoctrination! Brave and busy people like the writer of this blog!
      In Egypt occured any incidents during the last year, that show clearly, that the media has the ability to pit the population groups to against each other. To overturn this power is almost impossible.
      Who owns the satellites world-wide?
      It goes without saying that nothing is left unturned to make the progress undone.
      The hyena won’t leave the prey to the foxes, without all efforts to pursuing them!
      Remember Cuba! The US was going to blow up the whole planet, because this piece of prey was taken by the brave Island foxes!
      But in contrary to Egypt the Cubanos had the advantage, that the whole administration left the island together with the hyena and are the lice in its fur now.

  2. Corrrection: “These appear to *range from* members….”

    (I wish these comments had an “edit” function. After a total of 13 hours’ sleep in the past four days, I need one.) 😦

  3. Hahaha may god bless you !
    I know that counter revolution is definitely as complicated as the revolution itself, that’s why I asked who “leads” the counter revolution, and I’m pretty sure that all the choices listed above are active and responsible.

  4. Let me clarify: I think that the leadership as well as the rank and file of the counterrevolution is made up of many elements, and I doubt one could select any one of them as supreme.

    Of course, you’re there, and I’m not. I don’t doubt that you are probably therefore privy to information I don’t have.

  5. Hallo my friend! After years of problems with log-in at WP it’s working fine at once without to change PW or user name!
    I’m now following via WP!
    Isn’t it something weird? – Since I’m blocked on Google is WP working ….
    This poll is a good idea! Such comments tell a lot about the people’s views and thoughs.
    I am really amazed about the quarter of votes on point 1! Was not the reason for the uprising, the government that represented not the interests of their own people, but of foreign powers? Why should this have changed?
    I’m not aware of what the word “businessmen” means exactly in Egypt. If ‘businessmen’ have influence on the politics of a country, they have usual to be involved in the politics, or they are no “men” but giant companies. Individuals like Bill Gates who can exert great influence, are very few, and finally they can’t act against the plans of the ruling companies.
    Is this different in Egypt? I can imagine such social /political structures in rural areas, which are not integrated into the country-wide issues, but not for a whole country like Egypt with many different sources of income and different needs. Isn’t it?
    The most powerful companies are usual the energy & fuel, the media / broadcasting companies and mining industries. Food and seed corporations that are in a position to influence the policy seriously, there is nowhere in the present besides the global rulers and owners of Western governments.
    If such global companies take influence, then we have arrived at point 3.
    In my opinion is no country in the world without these influences – besides North-Korea and Bhutan possibly. Iran may have no direct influences, but sublimal there are a lot. The same in Russia and China.
    I don’t know what a kind of people the generals of Egypt are.
    It would be interesting to know, what a kind of people they are. What social class they come from in general? From upper middleclass, or are they former soldiers, which climbed the ladder?
    And what’s about the rural population? We hear about Cairo, Alexandria and the ports of Egypt – clearly the sources of movements, but without the rural areas only islands – and the history shows enough examples, that revolutions failed because no attention was paid to the hinterland in time – when it was been urgent.
    I’m curious and following with interest!

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