Refugees – Have we lost hope in Humanity ?

According to the U. S.  Committee  for Refugees  and Immigrants, the  world total is  62,000,000 refugees  among which  34,000,000 millions are  victims of wars. Five  millions of the sixty-two I  like to call ‘The nation of  the displaced’ , yeah ..  Palestinians.
Do you know how does it feel to be a refugee ? Do you have any idea about their suffering ? their feeling of humiliation and oppression ? .. No, you don’t .. and I don’t want you to suffer from oppression and humiliation to remember them, pray for them and help them whenever possible. I always repeat that we’re all human beings, that the bonds between us are stronger than everything. We shouldn’t let borders and differences separate us, we were made different to complete each other, to integrate and live together. If a human being doesn’t feel the pain of his fellow human beings, then everything man created and established since the very beginning of his existence is in great danger. Always ask yourself : ” What did I do this week/month/year to help these people ? “  and trust me, this world is round and you never know what will happen to you in the near future .. yesterday it was them, tomorrow it can be you.
You’re probably asking now : ” What can I do ? ”  .. here are some good answers :

1- Donate :  Whether you’re poor or rich, every penny counts, donation makes you feel better as a human being before anything else.

2- Raise awareness:  Take a minute to speak about the issue with your neighbor, colleague or a family member. Make people around you absorb the idea, the value, make them absorb positiveness and radiate it wherever they go.

3- Kids, kids & kids :  Whenever you’re working on point 1 or 2, always make sure that your kid is by your side, get him involved, explain to him, invest in him and the outcome will surprise you on the short run and surprise the world on the long run, because today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders, fathers & mothers.

4- Once you read this blog post, pass it to a friend, plan to remind each other & work together because there’s a big chance that you read it then forget about it before the day is over, or you might get busy (we’re never too busy, we just convince ourselves that we are).


3 تعليقات على “Refugees – Have we lost hope in Humanity ?

  1. Again, you’ve brought the tragedy of inhumanity to light. Journalists, whether with good intentions or not, often miss the mark when trying to capture the human spirit. You, sir, have a gift. The eloquence, compassion and heartbreak you express comes through so clearly. Even more stunning, is you do this while your own country and people are suffering, still fighting. Yet, you still manage to have the ability to reach out to others. That is how I found you. While Egypt was fighting a courageous battle for freedom, a young man with a sign showing his solidarity with Wisconsin, an American state a world away, touched our hearts and souls. You taught many of us what true solidarity means. It isn’t about politics, governments or faith. It’s about humanity. You taught us that a simple show of support can break barriers and build bridges.

    Again, I remind you, remember to laugh and take care of yourself. This world needs you.

    Be safe, my friend. Pray for peace…someday.

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