Srebrenica in the eyes of an Egyptian child

Srebrenica is the town, and the child was me…
I was not six yet when I found my mother weeping with the youngest of her sisters in front of the TV. I ran to mom, she hugged me and I wept too without even asking why. Moments passed like years between my mother’s arms before she did pat on my shoulder saying: “I’ll show you something”…
She showed me women and children screaming, she showed me dead bodies, she showed me soldiers without expressions on their faces and without hearts, she explained to me the meaning of genocide, she showed me Srebrenica…
She told me that my brothers and sisters there are losing their families and their homes, she told me that it’s unfair to eat the best of food while they’re hungry, she told me that it’s unfair to have all the toys I desire while they never stop crying, she told me that I have two ways and never three; to be a good Muslim human being and help them or just pretend that I never knew and wait for god’s punishment in this life and the hereafter…
She asked me to donate half of my toys and half of my pocket money, I even remember that she raised my pocket money from 0.5 EGP to 1 EGP so that it remains the same after donating half of it, she wanted nothing but to instill the value inside me…
I gave Srebrenica a little, and I owe it a lot…
It was my first school of activism and my river of solidarity…

Srebrenica had been named a “safe haven” by the UN Security Council, but member nations had declined to provide enough troops to make sense of their declaration, the town was literally a camp packed with Muslim refugees.
In July the Serbs took the town and the traitors of the UN Dutch battalion ordered those inside the camp to leave, Serbs were standing at the gate with Dutch soldiers and when the last refugee was out, the massacre happened.
More than 8,000 innocent men and boys were murdered, the women of Srebrenica supported by all Bosnians are still fighting for justice, They seek the truth. They want action. They aim to pressure the authorities, international authorities in particular, to find out exactly what did happen to the missing people, to identify bodies when they are exhumed and to make this a priority.

Srebrenica, I carry thy concerns and tragedies on my shoulders and I carry thy love wherever I go.

The child of 1995,
Muhammad Nusair


12 تعليقات على “Srebrenica in the eyes of an Egyptian child

  1. Impressive! on its time as today is da memory n they was havin a funeral for new bodies were nt been identified till nw god bless their souls n may they rest in peace untill we all can live in peace if its destined to prevail . I admit through these words n actions of ur mum i have learnt a new thing that i shud do wiz my children if one day i had any, a valuable lesson..thnx 🙂

  2. Most excellent writing, my friend. You are not only a good Muslim, you are a good human being. I am honored to be your friend, if only a long-distance, electronic friend. Some day, we will meet in person. Warm regards, -Steph

  3. such a great and touching post.!!i was born in the same year…… when this massacre happend but i read about it…… i feel like i was born carrying the responsibility of those innocent people on my shoulders… never never stop supporting…and to never shut up….!!!…and every time i remember i just feel ashamed and cry….cuz in a way or another .we are totally responsible for every drop of blood of our brothers and sisters there and at every spot in this world.who are opressed ……we have to care …to stand by them ..and support’s the least we can do actually…..!!!….and you have such agreat mother …may god bless her and keep her safe ……to entrech this concept in the soul of such a young boy to grow up agreat person like u…thnx muhamad for the tag..u r such a good brother and frnd 🙂

    may the pure souls of our brothers and sisters there rest in peace …and may allah forgive us while asking us about our role in life and in supporting them

  4. Well said as always mashaa Allah…I admire your mother the most…may God bless her…we often forget our brothers and sisters and the concept of Ummah, which sadly is now considered by some Muslims a bad sign and a call for separating Muslims from the world where in fact it is a call for Muslims to care about the World and care about one another…
    God Bless You Muhammad and I wish I never forget 🙂

  5. Muhammad, your eloquence in this post belies your poor opinion of your English skills.

    You write of Srebrenica with empathy through the eyes of the child who learned from a wise mother the fundamental mystery: that each of us is an individual entirely unlike any other who has ever lived, and all of us are one. We spend all of our days learning to resolve that seeming paradox, but you have helped to guide many readers along that path.

    Wahid 3alam, wahid jins, wahid mustaqbal.

  6. First of all my respect for your mother and the way she has raised you. My mother did similar things and that made me the guy I am today. Last july I was in Srebrenica for the burial en memorial. I have spoken with some survivors and no one spoke about Dutch soldiers in terms of traiters. People are angry at the UN and at the countries who had promised a safe haven (f.i. France). What difference could have made Dutchbat with only 240 soldiers against Mladic without air support. They just had to carry out what wis dictated bij the Serbs. I know I am Dutch but evenso I try to be objective. But calling the Dutch traiters is not what they deserve (with some exceptions).

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