The Pharaoh in the cage – Session #1 in a nutshell & short analysis

★ Limited but violent clashes took place between activists and a pro-Mubarak group of about fifty persons outside the exceptional courtroom in the Police Academy.
★ They took Mubarak on a medically equipped helicopter from Sharm El Sheikh hospital in Sinai to the courtroom in Cairo.
★ Only a limited number of the lawyers of the prosecution (our guys) were allowed into the courtroom, on other hand, almost all defense attorneys (Mubarak guys) were allowed in.
★ The judge Ahmed Refaat is well known and said to be clean but a close friend of mine lives in his building told me that he was a close friend of Mubarak and they used to play Squash (Mubarak’s favorite game) together.
★ Someone announced that the defendants are coming in, the courtroom murmured and like movies, the judge silenced everyone.
★ Habib Al-Adly made his way to the cage first, followed by other defendants and the two sons of the former president Alaa & Jamal, and Mubarak.
★ Mubarak entered the cage on a hospital bed.
★ All the defendants were wearing white prison suits but Al-Adly came in blue because he was convicted in another case.
★ The judge reminded everyone with the courtroom rules and he made sure that all defense attorneys are present.
★ All the lawyers began to tell the judge their notes and demands, those of Mubarak took the whole time and the judge was very nervous and unable to control the courtroom, the atmosphere became very tense.
★ Farid El-Deeb, the famous lawyer and his dream team were defending Mubarak and Al-Adly while most of the lawyers of the prosecution were unkown, camera slaves and the event was bigger than them.
★ Farid El-Deeb said he wants to bring 1600 witnesses to court.
★ A weird lawyer told the judge that Mubarak died in 2004 and the one in the cage is a fake one planted by Israel and USA to keep the conspiracy going, and he asked for a DNA test.
★ After the fight on the microphone between lawyers was over, Public prosecutor read out the accusations against Mubarak, his two sons & his minister of interior including ordering and managing the attacks by Egyptian Police on peaceful protesters and supplying weapons, live amunition & armoured vehicles for the attacks. He also listed the billions of Egyptian pounds that were stolen by Mubarak, his two sons and the billionaire Hussein Salem.
★ Mubarak and his two sons denied all charges.
★ The Judge decided that Mubarak stays in The International Medical Center on Cairo-Ismaillia road and said that the second session to be held on August the 15th with his two sons.
★ Habib Al-Adly Session #2 to be held tomorrow at 9:00 am CLT.
★ Dismissed !

Short analysis

Why did they postpone Mubarak’s trial to the 15th and not tomorrow or after tomorrow ?  Why did Mubarak’s lawyer Farid El-Deeb wants to listen to 1600 witnesses ? Farid and maybe SCAF are playing on TIME, Egyptian people are kind and sometimes naive, we always forget and forgive with time, we always repeat the same mistakes, that was first. Second, they play on the boredom and rage of the “silent majority” in addition to its dissatisfaction from the revolutionary atmosphere and the “active minority”. I do believe that the only solution is to be more patient than them & direct all our efforts towards raising awareness to have the “silent majority” on our side.
To be continued…

Mubarak and his sons entering the cage

Mubarak and his sons denying all charges


3 تعليقات على “The Pharaoh in the cage – Session #1 in a nutshell & short analysis

  1. A good report, Muhammad. Thank you for providing an example of internet journalism as it should be.

    The international community will now observe: If indeed judge Ahmed Refaat has been socially acquainted with the defendant, he should recuse himself from the case to avoid an appearance of conflict of interest. Mubarak should be tried by someone with no personal ties to him.

    However, this does not necessarily mean Refaat is biased toward the defense. It may be that, Mubarak fallen, he feels no continuing sense of loyalty, and is in fact already certain of Mubarak’s guilt. If so, any apparent accommodation of Mubarak’s defense may really be intended to permit him to say, “As you see, I gave the former president every chance to defend himself, and you can learn for yourselves with how little effect. It matters not whether the defense calls 1600 witnesses or 16 million; his guilt remains manifest.” This would permit him to convict Mubarak and still remain on friendly terms with his other associates.

    Nonetheless, this question of a personal association demands investigation, and I hope that you or someone else on the scene will successfully determine whether such an association exists. Once this has been accomplished, Refaat will find it harder — if he really *is* biased by personal ties in favor of Mubarak — to exonerate his erstwhile crony. And if no ties exist, you will cleanse the tarnished reputation of an honest judge. Either way, such a determination is imperative.

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