Somalia | Yes, We’ve Lost Hope In Humanity | Ways To Help Worldwide

Do you see that horrible photo above ? of course you do…
Do you know what the heck is this ? maybe. It’s a dead Somali child being eaten by a hungry dog…
Do you know who is responsible of this ? YOU !!!
Hunger killed that Somali child to feed him to the hungry dog and it’s all because of YOU and ME !!!
Because many of us are just watching and shedding a tear or two, or not helping enough, or not even helping at all…
In a previous blog post about refugees worldwide, I asked a question and didn’t answer it; “Have we lost hope in humanity ?”. Now I know the answer, it’s yes.
That child up there, as well as thousands of his brothers and sisters are dying every day because we are not human enough, because we watch all the shit on the news then turn our TV’s off and enjoy our lives to the fullest…
We are EXPERTS when it comes to finding excuses and ways to take the guilt off our shoulders in a few seconds …
The most recent question is “What can I do ?”
and the answer is “Everything !”

1- Raise awareness – Take a minute to speak about the issue with your neighbor, colleague or a family member. Make people around you absorb the idea, the value, make them absorb positiveness and radiate it wherever they go. always make sure that your kid is by your side, get him involved, explain to him, invest in him and the outcome will surprise you on the short run and surprise the world on the long run, because today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders, fathers & mothers.

2- Volunteer – UNICEF, Oxfam, World Food Programme are in every country.

3- Donate – I managed to find many ways to donate in USA, Europe, ME & worldwide :

Where to donate ?







المملكة العربية السعودية

الندوة العالمية للشباب الإسلامي
الأمانة العامة الرياض
الهاتف الموحد: 920011000
هـــاتف : 12050000 (00966)
فاكـــــس : 12050011 (00966)

جمهوريه مصر العربية

للتبرع النقدى و العينى : 42

شارع القصر العينى – القاهرة – تلفاكس 27959311 – 27927929

ارقام الحسابات بالبنوك :

1- بنك فيصل الاسلامى حساب رقم 261363

2- بنك قناة السويس حساب رقم 1/3/20737

3- بنك مصر حساب رقم 16564/4

4- البنك الوطنى للتنمية – حساب رقم 500555

كما يمكنكم التبرع بجميع فروع نقابات الاطباء على مستوى الجمهورية

ارقام التيلفونات للاستعلامات

0198547511 / 0114905825


مكتب هيئة الإغاثة الإسلامية العالمية:

هاتف: 0096265537881

بريد إلكتروني:


قطر الخيرية

الخط الساخن: 44667711

مصرف قطر الاسلامي  100141244
مزيد من التفاصيل رابط
للتبرع عبر الرسائل القصيرة من داخل قطر
عملاء زين ارسل (ص) لرقم 99997
عملاء الوطنيه ارسل (و) 1922


جمعيه الغوث المباشر
الاستفسار والإتصال على هاتف 97257700
لزيارة ومعرفه فروع الجمعيه

Once you read this blog post, pass it to a friend, plan to remind each other & work together because there’s a big chance that you read it then forget about it before the day is over, or you might become busy (we’re never too busy, we just convince ourselves that we are).


7 تعليقات على “Somalia | Yes, We’ve Lost Hope In Humanity | Ways To Help Worldwide

  1. I read this post yesterday and had to return today to read it again. The image of the child and the dog was overwhelmingly sad. Thanks to you, I have made a modest donation to Doctors Without Borders. I only wish I could give more.

  2. Muhammad,

    As for Russ, so for me: My family has little money and we face possible eviction (if our slumlord gets his way in court on Monday), so it is not easy, but we are not starving and being eaten by dogs. Our contribution to Doctors Without Borders is minimal, but we hope it’ll help.

    Thank you for shaming me into acting.

  3. I add one request. Please get your email problems corrected so that I can talk with you without posting a comment on your blog.

    Also: What turned out to have caused that high fever you were telling me of?

  4. Russ & Abdel
    ONE Dollar makes a great difference , Do you know that ONLY 65 USD feeds a Somali citizen for a WHOLE month ? Trust me, the little money you donated will save many lives.
    Abdel, I believe the email problem is fixed now, and believe it or not, I don’t know what caused that fever because I never seen a doctor lol

  5. how much many has been contributed by MENA and the rest of Africa? A week ago the African States leaders sitting in luxury in Kenya said they needed two more weeks to decide what to do about the famine!
    Al Shabaab denied that there was a famine.
    In the meantime, the UK alone has given over $120 million. I suggest YOU applies more to these countries than the West,

  6. John, the message you’re trying to deliver is very negative. THIS blogpost is NOT for the west ONLY, THIS blogpost is for the whole world; for everyone I know and everyone who follows “Politirature”. I didn’t say that African leaders are helping & I definitely didn’t mention that I want other governments to help, I don’t believe in ALL governments and politicians ! I want PEOPLE to help ! everyone everywhere. The people of MENA are helping a lot, as well as many people in other places but you just don’t know it.

  7. John, I think you’ve failed to understand what Politirature is about. It represents a global movement of ordinary people who have come to realize that when governments provide “aid,” they do so as an investment on which they expect a return of some kind. Their motives are impure, and we cannot rely on them to provide real humanitarian assistance where and as it is needed.

    This is why non-governmental organizations exist, and it is why pages like this one appeal for support, not to the moral morons who rule us, but to the individuals whom our nations comprise. When we send help, we expect nothing in return — not repayment, nor fealty, nor “open markets” and preferential treatment for our industries.

    In this quest to comfort and succor, without thought of obligation or debt, those who need it most, there is no contest, no division between East and West, Christendom and Islam. There are only individual people who saw a need and did what they could.

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