Tales of the hunt

‎”Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunters.” —  African proverb
From the den of lions I write to you ..
and between wounded lions I look to myself and wonder if I’m one of them, if I have the right to speak on their behalf while my injuries are the least among them …
I didn’t lose an eye, but I lived the feeling of losing an eye with every eye gone …
I didn’t lose someone I love, but with every dead body we carry outside I actually feel I’ve lost someone I love …
In the tales of the hunt they’ll not mention that we were braver than the hunters .. In the tales of the hunt they’ll not mention that Egypt’s finest intellectual lions faced bullets and toxic gases with bare chests and high spirits .. In the tales of the hunt nobody will remember what we stood for .. In the tales of the hunt they’ll not remember our chants, our smiles & our tears .. In the tales of the hunt only hunters will be glorified ..  unless we have historians .. and win.

4 تعليقات على “Tales of the hunt

  1. We do have historians, Muhammad. Thankfully, they continue to write, to record and preserve truth in the face of universal indoctrination, even when most of them are paid nothing for their efforts and know that not a word they write will appear in the approved “histories” of their countries.

    We will all begin to learn of these now-obscure historians the day we begin to win, and not before.

    For today, all that we can hope to do is precisely as you have done today: With plainspoken eloquence, express what we who are not of the elite whom approved “histories” cast as their protagonists are really seeing, hearing and feeling. It is the story of the sufferings of the many, and not the glorification of the decisions of the few to impose those sufferings, that defines us as a species, and that forms the hub on which all genuine history must turn.

  2. A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history. – Mohandas Gandhi

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