Revolutionary memories : 23 July 2010 protest; there’s always hope.

A friend tagged me in this photo today and it brought many memories and thoughts back to me. It was such a sunny day, 23 July 2010. We were not more than 50 ladies and gentlemen trying to protest by the Nile Corniche against human rights violations and the murder of Khaled Saeed. The police didn’t let us protest, they threatened us, they dispersed us, so we marched in small groups trying to cross downtown to reach the syndicate of Journalists, they chased us. We were very worried as we crossed Tahrir square, they dispersed us again and we had to divide ourselves into even smaller groups marching in different streets leading to the Syndicate. Finally, not more than 20 of us reached the stairs of the Syndicate, surrounded by formations of Central Security Forces ( They don’t appear in the photo as they were downstairs ). We stood there and we shouted together ” Tell Al-Adley the dog (Minister of the Interior) and his master, tomorrow the revolution will cut your hands ! “. The officers smiled in derision and some of them laughed. Less than 6 months later, millions of Egyptians took to the streets to demand freedom and dignity. And Tahrir square that we were even scared to cross became packed with revolutionary masses ..
There’s always hope, there’s always light.


2 comments on “Revolutionary memories : 23 July 2010 protest; there’s always hope.

  1. Yes, you did it! Finally you are Free. I wish I lived there to witness this fabulous transition. You must never forget the democratic spirit of your young revolution. The entire world was waiting for this glorious day. You guys have revived the Arab spirit. I’m really glad that we will no longer watch there lame Qhimma Arabiya anymore. And inshallah the ‘spirit of Tahrir Square’ will survive in the Egyptian transition to democracy. Solidarity.


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