How Did Mubarak Regime Brainwash a Whole Nation ?

Repetition : A simple but very effective way, it’s even used in Marketing ! Make the customer see your product every second on TV, hear about it every second on the radio, read about it in every newspaper and his mind will accept it and want to buy it, same concept.
One of the techniques they depend on is making a rumor out of something they really want to do and it’ll find its way to every Egyptian ear in few hours ! Your sister tells you and you tell your friend who tells his mother who tells her aunt and so on, at some point you’ll hear the rumor everywhere you go, then sooner or later you accept is as a fact. Example: They wanted to make Mubarak the son the future president of Egypt and they released a rumor, the rumor spread and began to be part of every Egyptian discussion for months and years till some people surrendered and began to accept it as a fact, as a reality, fait accompli.

Assault on identity : They kept focusing on the ancient Egyptian Pharaonic heritage and identity and marginalized other eras that were important in building the identity of this nation, they kept consolidating the idea of the worshipped ruler with all the powers, the God king, they make you totally in peace with Totalitarianism.

Guilt : They make you feel so guilty that you start hating yourself, lose hope and self confidence. Example: you are 80 million human beings, you keep reproducing, you are the reason we can’t feed you, you are the reason of the bad education, you are the reason that the country is poor, you killed J.F. Kennedy, you don’t deserve any good !. They make you reach a state of self-betrayal.

Breaking Point : That’s when you are nothing but a wreck, that’s when you are raw again, that’s when you keep wondering about who you are and what you should do, and of course they’ll have the answers ready for you, they’ll fill your head with what they want and persuade you to conform their wishes.


3 تعليقات على “How Did Mubarak Regime Brainwash a Whole Nation ?

  1. our government tries to spread the idea , germans are guilty ,because they DON’T produce enough that the” bad” migrants,who get more children,will destroy germoney from within. education , schools and universities are systematically starved .the “marketing-factor” is fullfilled by really brain-smashing tv and press.but-we certainly do not have the grade of brutality,or poverty you in egypt.the mechanisms are similar,though.

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