Vittorio Arrigoni’s First Anniversary


Today was the first anniversary of our friend Vittorio Arrigoni. A candlelight vigil in front of the Italian embassy in Cairo was organized by an Italian-Egyptian young lady. We were about ten people and three journalists who came to cover it.
When I organized a vigil right after Vik’s death last year, not less than 200 people showed up. Some of them were socialists who spoke to media and journalists about how Vittorio was one of “them” and how he made them “proud”. Some of them were activists and second row leaders in Fatah & Hamas who acted literally as camera-whores.
Now, as we remember Vik and ask for retribution, where are his “fellow” socialists ? where did all the Palestinian activists/leaders/camera-whores go ?
I don’t blame those who didn’t hear of the event, I blame those who knew and didn’t even show up, and I know many of them.
Vik deserved something much better. I am angry. Fullstop.


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