Happiness as I know it


Everybody in this world is seeking happiness; Some of them know what they’re seeking and how, but most of them are seeking happiness without knowing its meaning or even trying to set their definition of it.
” Happiness only real when shared”.. that was the last sentence in a movie that made me think more about happiness and what does it mean to me. As a Muslim, I know that my happiness in “Dunya” and my happiness in “Akhirah” are linked together, and of course pleasing Allah is the base I can start building happiness on, without a strong base you can build nothing.

I find happiness in helping people, I am happy when I see people happy. I am happy when I act against injustice, slavery and poverty, I love this amazing feeling that Inshallah I will find something to say when Allah asks me “What did you do with your youth and your health ?”. I feel happiness when I do something right, even if everyone else found it strange and made fun of it. I feel happiness when I find a good “Niyyah” in the simple activities of my daily life. I feel happiness when I do a very hard job for the good of people without any reward knowing that Allah is the one who’s going to reward me for it Inshallah. I feel happy when I am around people I love, when I am around people who share my concerns about Islam, Justice, Environment, Equality and charity.

Of course people don’t know how their lives will end, but it’s an important factor that affects their happiness. Some want to die between their beloved children and grandchildren, some want to die doing the thing they love. But personally, I pray everyday that Allah rewards me Shahadah fighting for his “Deen” and my oppressed people in Palestine or any other place.

This is happiness, as I know it.


3 تعليقات على “Happiness as I know it

  1. بخ بخ ليس بيني وبين الجنة سوي هذه التمرات ،،انها لحياة طويلة
    ت ت
    أشعر بالسعادة لقراءة هذه المدونه

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