#BrainWashing Tweets

My Tweets about #BrainWashing  today for everybody to read & share.

#Brainwashing is a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting ideas

#BrainWashing became famous during the Korean War and after many US soldiers became defected to the enemy side after becoming war prisoners

 One of the techniques of #BrainWashing is repetition. they keep repeating a lie and make it surround you all the time till you believe it
Another #BrainWashing technique is “Assault on identity”, whether national or religious or whatever, they’ll attack it and make you doubt it

one of the superweapons of #Brainwashing is “GUILT”. they make you feel guilty about everything till you reach a state of self-betrayal

After exposing you to the several techniques of #BrainWashing you reach what I call ” The Breaking Point ” (1)

#BrainWashing – The Breaking Point is when you are nothing but wreck, when you are raw again (2)

#BrainWashing – you keep wondering about who you are and what you should do, and of course they’ll have the answers ready for you (3)

#BrainWashing – last stage in “Breaking Point” is filling your head with what they want and persuade you to conform their wishes. CONGRATS ! you’re Brainwashed.

Prevention is better than treatment, how can we protect ourselves from #Brainwashing ? follow the next few tweets

#BrainWashing | Always write your goals in a notebook, always remember & edit them if necessary. Constantly visualize your goals

#BrainWashing | Don’t be a loner ! have some good friends who share the same concerns. you’re easily defeated alone

#BrainWashing | Be more selective, throw your TV away & instead of letting them decide what you watch, go watch whatever you decide

#BrainWashing | Pay more attention to your spiritual side, stick to things that motivate you, smile & always find the full half of the cup

#BrainWashing | We’re done for today =) I hope you enjoyed


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