المُدونة تُعَبّر عَن آراء كاتِب عَربيّ شَابْ غَيورٌ عَلى عُروبَتهِ ودينه, يَستلهِم مِن التَاريخِ عِبَراً للحاضِر, قَضيّتهُ إيقاظُ أُمّة, مُحرّضٌ عَلى الجِهادِ أينما كانَ الظُلم, يَزعُم أنّ داءَ الخُنوعِ ومُتلازمةِ ستوكهولم لَم يُصيباهُ بَعدْ
Muhammad Nusair, a young Egyptian writer, activist, poet & Mechatronics Engineer.

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  1. Thank you for your expression of support and solidarity with the striking workers in Wisconsin. Your pictures have moved many people. I hope that more communications like these can bring people around the world closer to a better understanding and respect for each other.

    Good luck to you and all my brothers and sisters in Egypt.

    -David Lineberger

  2. You are an amazing young man. Just look at what you’ve started! One photo is beginning to bring people together from all over the world, fighting the same cause. I was starting to give up hope for mankind but this site gives me hope. You are a hero.

  3. When I first saw this photo, it moved me more deeply than I thought possible. I had just gotten back from Madison the other day, protesting with 60,000 others in one of the most beautiful displays of humanity and democracy I’ve ever encountered. The thought that even one of those who peacefully brought down one of the most oppressive regimes in my lifetime would show solidarity with our cause… the feeling is indescribable. Thank you so much, and know that we here in Wisconsin have followed Egypt and the Middle East closely and can’t wait for that moment when your elections come! Power to the people!

  4. This is so dear & moving. I am so touched by your sweet poster. I wish you a long & contented life full of good faith & good work.

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