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  1. Watching the news, reading your posts, seeing your photos and the inspiring responses gives me hope in the future, the future of my children and their children. Having grown up in the 60’s & 70’s, watching activism turn to apathy, you have truly inspired me. I was so glad to see only one or two empty brained nasties in the long list of comments. Thank goodness for the internet where the world becomes smaller! You are correct Mohammed, we are all brothers and sisters; humanity is one big, diverse family. Good luck to you and to your fellow country men and women. You have made history and the rest of us have been lucky enough to witness it.

  2. are brave men. “Back in the day” I tried to protest VietNam but where I was from we were not taken very seriously and I was not very radical. I only knew what was right and Nam was wrong. So I handed out underground papers in the suburbs of Detroit and got laughed at and was considered a weird outsider. I am braver now..somehow age makes us that way sometimes…but I am proud of you as any mother/grandmother/greatgrandmother would be and cry with that pride of how you put your life on the line as did your friends and neighbors. May you be blessed by ALL the Gods we pray to on this earth, may your life be filled with strength, courage and conviction…but never forget to also have the love, joy and happiness of a life well lived. Deborah.

  3. Hellow Brother M_Nusair;

    Cheers, peace & r3VOLution from California…

    thank you for your soul and work on the other side of this small world of ours…

    One Love, One Pain..


  4. السلام عليكم

    I tried to email you, but haven’t heard back, so I’m not sure if I succeeded in reaching you. It seems to me that you and I think much alike, and I hope you’ll find time to visit my StumbleUpon page and see if you agree.

    Around the world, it seems that we (the “ordinary” people who demand no more than a fair chance at a good life) are under attack by the same psychopathic ruling elite. And they’re winning. I therefore think we need to unimagine the national borders and other imaginary lines that divide us, and we need to join our efforts into a single, global progressive movement for the benefit of our entire species and the ecology of which it is a part.

    (My apologies. I would have liked to write this in Arabic, but I’m not fluent enough. I hope you don’t find my English too obscure.)

  5. Hi Abdel,

    I’m sorry if I didn’t find your email, I must have trashed it by mistakes with other emails, please accept my apology.
    I TOTALLY agree with everything you wrote ! I hope you email me again because I want to talk about many things that I prefer not to mention here, about the global movement 🙂 at least for now !
    please send me a link to your page !
    Thank you

  6. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to reach you by email. I will now try this.

    You are doubtless busy, but I have reason to believe that I can offer ideas that will be of benefit to Egypt — and through it the world — if you are in a position of influence. And, whether you intended it so or not, your actions have made you a public figure and therefore influential.

    What I have to suggest may potentially offer Egypt not only energy-independence but an annual surplus sufficient to sell increasing stores of energy to other countries — and all without disturbing a drop of petroleum. It may also offer the region a way out of its water strictures for many generations. And I have a world of a city to propose. 😉

    This advice is merely exactly that. I expect no payment, no recognition, unless the Egyptian people should find sufficient merit in it to deem otherwise. I do merely as my sense of duty bids, and as the removal of Mubarak finally makes possible.

    Please let me know if any of these ideas sound interesting.

  7. Dear Abdel Irada,

    I was having serious issues with my email, some emails were lost, others appeared in weird codes..etc. but I do believe everything is solved by now. I really do appreciate your patience, enthusiasm and your strong will making good change in this world.
    OF COURSE I’m so interested in your ideas and would like to know more about them from you and how to start applying them. Please try emailing me again ( )
    and pardon my late response, I’m really stuck between university exams already and till mid June 😦 pray for me !
    Love & best wishes from Egypt,
    Muhammad Nusair

  8. Clarification to previous post: When I refer to sending emails to “two slightly different addresses,” I mean that I sent one to the address as displayed above, in which “Nusair” is capitalized, and one to the more commonly encountered lowercase form (“nusair”), in case the capital letter someone prevents delivery.

    Please understand that conditions in my life are approaching a crisis. If I’m going to reach you, it will have to be quite soon, or it may cease to be possible for me. I therefore implore you to tell me whether my emails are in fact reaching you.

    I know you’re busy with exams, but mid-June will be too late.

  9. I am pleased but not surprised. You strike me as an able student.

    However, I’ll have to keep in touch via email. My computer doesn’t seem to work well for leaving comments on this blog. Letters appear after I type them at the rate of about one every two seconds. :-/

  10. Two questions:

    1) Which spelling of your first name should I use: Muhammad or Mohamed? I ask because you seem to have used both at different times, and I’m not sure which is your preference.

    2) Have you seen my most recent email, and the 20 candidate posts I attached to it for your perusal?

  11. Muhammad,

    My emails don’t seem to be reaching you — or at least so it appears from the absence of any reply to my most recent ones.

    Two questions:

    1) How is your health? Last I heard from you, you had a high fever. Since then, you’ve added a post, so I infer that you’ve recovered, but inference is not certainty. And it concerns me that I haven’t heard from you since you told me you were ill, so please bring me up to date.

    2) When you get the chance, assuming that in fact you *have* recovered, could you please change the URL on my guest piece about Israel to match the page title? Otherwise, confusion is likely to ensue.

    Take care of yourself, and let me know if you’ve changed email addresses or something of the kind.

  12. Muhammad,

    On a website, changing the URL is a matter of changing the name under which the page is filed. So, for example, one would re-file “ ” as “ .”

    However, the procedure on WordPress may be different. If you’re not sure how to change a URL on that blog, it may be wise to ask an admin.

    Meanwhile, I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Now we can resume torturing the “blood beans” by showing them for what they are. 🙂

  13. Ahem!

    Please let me know when your email service is working again. Communicating via your Contact page is not my preferred choice: It’s inefficient and lacks privacy.

    Also, let me know which — if any — of the other articles I sent you plan to post next.

  14. Hi Muhammad, is your email still down? I’m a photo researcher for a textbook company and have some questions regarding the image of you with the “Egypt supports Wisconsin” sign. What’s the best way I can contact you? Thanks! -Lily

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